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Roxanne Spence

Designs for Theatre, Film and Television


Hello, my name is Roxanne and I'm a set designer, prop maker and backstage worker based in Scotland. I graduated from the University of York with a degree in Theatre; Writing, Directing and Performance. 

I have been involved in theatre performances since I was six and have always known that the creative industry is the area I want work in. During my degree, my passion evolved to the world behind the scenes and now includes film and television production.

My career in the creative industries is just beginning and I am open to all areas of theatre and film art production. I would eventually like to work as a production designer but am currently open to all roles in backstage and film production.

On my site you will find images from my work as a Set Assistant and Set Designer, Costume Designer and some speculative works too. If you see anything you like, please drop me a message in the 'About and Contact Section', and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


As long as I'm creating, I'll always be happy


©2020 by Roxanne Spence.

Headshot taken by Gareth Young. Other production photos have been taken by Brian HartleyHarry Brewer, Greg Tiani, by the production team of various projects and myself. Please contact if you would like further details on any pictures taken.

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